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Your HVAC duct system – also known as your heating and/or cooling system (you know the vents all over your property) must be cleaned a minimum of every two to five years. Nursing homes and other healthcare facilities require even more routine cleanings. While many companies advertise HVAC duct cleaning, what you get is a superficial cleaning of exterior fixtures such as your vent covers. Here at VentRight we have invested in the training and technology to ensure a deep clean of your entire duct system. You’re welcome.

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The Why

Over time, moisture builds up on the interior walls of the duct, trapping dirt and other materials you don’t like to breath, like mold. Ha! There, we said it, yes, mold can start growing in dirty air ducts. We remove and deep clean the actual vents, then we send specialized equipment up into your trunk lines as well as the air intakes to clean…well, everything.


After a good cleaning, VentRight will sanitize your entire duct system utilizing an antimicrobial fog. The sanitization will kill any bad bacteria or mold particles leaving your system clean and microbe free.

Good To Know

A good way to keep you and your system healthy is to change your filters every three months and keep the air intake vents free of dust. Cleaning frequencies vary depending on the type of building/facility, call us for a consultation.

Commercial HVAC Cleaning

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Want to know more? – Of course you do, you’re still here – at the bottom of the page.

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