Residential Dryer Vent Add-Ons

Residential Dryer Vent Cleaning

Dryer Vent Improvements

Quality matters. Your duct may be perfect but if not, there are a few enhancements that can help your vent be safer and efficienter (yes, we know efficienter is not a word)

Using premium vent covers and ducting will keep your system healthy, efficient, and running longer.

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Upgrade Options Include:

Premium Flush Mounted Vents

  • Looks awesome
  • Made to last right and built right here in the USA
  • Easy Access for service
  • Magnet secured to prevent small pests

DryerFlex Ducting

  • Crush resistant
  • Better connections
  • Better airflow = decreased drying time and lower energy bills
  • Extends life of your dryer

TheDefender Pest Guard –
Not all pest guards are created equal

  • Provides an extra layer of weather protection
  • Minimizes lint buildup with vertical bars
  • Many pest guards have small holes restricting airflow and creating clogs
  • Having a weatherproof quality pest guard is a must for any home

Dryer Vent Improvements

In short, improving your dryer vent system will save you time and money and help protect you from pests and fires.

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Want to know more? – Of course you do, you’re still here – at the bottom of the page.

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